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Kyarugaju Health Center III came from far

Kyarugaju Health Center III came from far

The Isingiro District Engineer, Asaph Abenaitwe describes the former structure that formed Kyarugaju Health center II as “a condemned structure that wasn’t fit to house health services”. Infested with bats and full of cracks, the lonely building was itself hazardous to the health of those who go to seek treatment. This situation has been turned around through DRDIP intervention.

The project built a general ward, an outpatient department, a maternity ward, and installed piped water and solar energy within the facility. Other infrastructure put in place include; staff quarters, an incinerator, and a chain-link fence.

Joseph Ahimbisibwe the Chairperson, Community Project Management Committee (CPMC) says, “we had a very small health center that could not accommodate even 15 people and it was very old, so, we sat down in our community meeting and we applied for a sub project through our district and then after that, the district considered us for DRDIP support”.

“We then elected committee members and when we were assured of the funding, we advertised and numerous bidders applied. The best bidder was chosen for the work” Ahimbisibwe narrates.

“We did everything on procurement for this project by ourselves(community), that’s why DRDIP is good. We were only seeking technical guidance from, District engineers, District Medical Officer, but we managed our resources”. The 60-year-old is notably full of excitement as he praises the community effort. “We're asking you to take our message to the office of the president so that he can come here and commission this beautiful health center”, Ahimbisibwe adds.

Dr. Edson Tumusherure, the District Health Officer says, Kyarugaju was uplifted by DRDIP from a single dilapidating structure that was manned by a nursing assistant to a high standard facility now manned by a Senior Clinical Officer. “A number of services have improved at Kyarugaju Health Center after its transformation to a health Center III”, he confesses.

The DHO says, outpatient, inpatient and antenatal care services have greatly been enriched due to the upgraded infrastructure. Other service areas that have improved according to Dr. Tumusherure includes; postnatal care, deliveries, child care, immunization, counselling, Laboratory testing, HIV/AIDS care and treatment.

Kyarugaju Health Center III also serves a great number of refugees who are settled around the Lake Nakivale areas. Ahimbisibwe says, the facility is helpful not only to the local communities but to a host of refugees who frequently pay visit to seek health redress.

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